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Professional Distributor


นางสาวพัชราภรณ์ ศรีมังคลา

Medical consultant

I initially took on Prompt-medical after a spending a lifetime in professional store


นายอาณัติ ศรีมังคลา

Engineer consultant

12 Years ago I have prefer prompt-medical with the help of a personal store and it completely changed way of life.


นางสาวอุทุมรัตน์ อิ่มประภัพตรี

Sale manager

Growing up, I’ve always been involved in medical business, in government and private hospital.

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Prompt-karnchange are comprised of constantly varied functional movement


Online and find storage ideas and explore our. We have a huge range of products at affordable prices.

Global standard products

STANDARD provides solutions to the commercial, industrial, and residential markets through the professional channel.

Products warranty

Warranty is a voluntary manufacturer’s warranty. It provides rights separate to rights provided by consumer law. 


A website for the new generation of Logistics and Supply Chain, an online “Knowledge Community” for exchanging know-hows and tips, experience,

On time shipping

Our company is the product of years of experiences in the field of shipping & customs clearance.

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